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Scales is a unit converter which converts over 300 pre-installed units in a simple interface.

It has a fully customisable units database so you can add your own units, edit, re-arrange and delete both units and their categories in which they are organised.

Just select a category, choose a unit to convert to and from, enter the value to convert and the result updates in real time, as you type.

No time to look for the unit? No problem. Just hit cmd+F or click on the search bar & begin typing the name of a unit. Scales will display the search units along with what category they are in.

  • Fully editable database of units
  • Search all units with the search bar
  • Scientific notation for very large or very small numbers
  • Option to use commas to separate thousands
  • Option to keep window on top of all others

Although Scales has been checked (and double checked) for quality & accuracy, I cannot guarantee that all the units are 100% accurate. Some of the units do not even have an official value, therefor different sources may disagree. If you do discover that one of the units is slightly off, or you find a source with a more accurate value, please let me know and I will be more than happy to put it right. And remember, Scales has a fully customisable database, so you can just fix it yourself in seconds if you wish.

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